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Quality Health Insurance is a snap with ClickMyQuote easy online finder form. Enter your zip code to start, and you will receive a list of quotes from qualified health insurance providers in your area, complete with premiums, deductibles, and contact information. You can also customize your ClickMyQuote search to meet your specific physical and financial needs. Find an affordable health care provider now!

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ClickMyQuote is the premier health insurance resource for individual and families in Florida, Georgia, Texas and the Southeast United States. We find quality health care providers in your community that understand your need for affordable health care where you live and work.

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How Do I Choose a Health Insurance Plan?

Use our decision tree to find a health plan, premium, and deductible that meets your needs.

By answering a few simple questions about your preferences we can help narrow your health plan search:

  • Network and Doctors
  • Managing Your Care and Budget
  • Interest and Eligibility for Tax Savings
  • Coverage Options

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What Do All Of These Health Insurance Terms Mean?

Watch our quick video tip series to understand the common elements of a health insurance plan along with tricks and tips for determining which plan is right for you.

Our videos will help you understand:

  • Deductible and Premium
  • Co-payments and Out-Of-Pocket Costs
  • Plan Types: HMO, PPO, EPO, and HSA
  • Tax Credits and Penalties

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How Do I Learn More About Health Insurance?

Visit our resource library to get details on unfamiliar topics, read the latest news around Obamacare, and remain an active healthcare consumer.

We cover common topics and news, such as...

  • Do You Qualify for a Tax Credit?
  • Do You Owe a Tax Penalty?
  • Lost Your Insurance?
  • Recently Married? Moved?

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Have questions about your existing health insurance plan? Join thousands of satisfied individuals who have found excellent coverage AND on-going assistance with claims and tax credit info.

ClickMyQuote offers Five Levels of health insurance. Each “Metal Plan” is designed to balance COST with the amount of MEDICAL SERVICES an individual or family expect to use. All plans offer minimum coverage including: a free wellness visit, free preventive care, and access to emergency services.


Lowest Monthly Premium

Highest Co-Pay

60/40 Co-Insurance % Plan Pay vs. % You Pay

Best If You Rarely Use Medical Services.


Reasonable Monthly Premium

Moderate to High Co-Pay

70/30 Co-Insurance % Plan Pay vs. % You Pay

Best If You Regularly Use Medical Services.


Mid-High Monthly Premium

Moderate Co-Pay

80/20 Co-Insurance % Plan Pay vs. % You Pay

Best If You Often Use Medical Services.


Highest Monthly Premium

Lowest Co-Pay

100/0% Plan Pay vs. % You Pay

Best If You Often Use Medical Services.